GRP - GRP 1:8 GT - T01 REVO - S3 Soft - harte Felge, 1 Paar

Artikelnummer:: GTJ01-S3
Aantal op voorraad: 10

This pair of Tyres have the following technical features:

  • REVO treated profile for the maximum traction and the maximum lateral grip
  • Treated profile studied to maintain the tyre surface alway clean from rubber murble
  • S3 Soft compound exclusively developped for model tyres
  • Inside belt flexible but very strong, vulcanized directly together with tyre compound
  • Insert foam with special material for high temperatures, WJ cuted for high precision
  • Hard Competition spoked wheel moulded with special material for maximum grip and stability
  • Special gluing system 100% guaranteed

The main sizes for this tyre are:

  • WHEEL fixing with exagon 17mm
  • TYRE outside diameter 98mm
  • WHEEL inside diameter 75mm
  • TYRE total width 41mm


This pair of Tyres have the following use indications:

  • MEDIUM GRIP situation for clean track
  • MEDIUM GRIP situation for medium asphalt
  • MEDIUM GRIP situation for medium temperatures

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