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New advanced compounds and new structure concept for belt, insert and wheel

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New structure concept

In the new lines of XM tyres, the belt, insert and wheel have also been improved to further improve performance in every race situation and at any temperature. Vulcanized belt with new specific weave angles. Insert with a new variable deformation foam material. The wheel itself made from the new Dupont(R) plastic material resistant to high temperatures and flexible at low temperatures.

Extraordinary grip

The new tyres of the XM line provide an extraordinary grip even on cold and dirty tracks (XM0), where the previous compounds were not very performing. The difference is very big in traction with a 20% increase,  in lateral grip with a 30% increase, and in braking with even a 40% increase.

Incredible Duration

The new tyres of the XM line provide an incredible durability even on abrasive asphalt tracks, where the previous compounds lasted less. The difference in duration is very big with an increase of approximately 35%

Regularity and performance

The new tyres of the XM line provide regularity of absolute performance with each subsequent use, compared to competing tyres. The difference is very big because performance remain 100% even with each subsequent use, and remains 100% until the tyre is finished.

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