Lightscale - STD Smooth Traction Differential

The Lightscale STD (Smooth Traction Differential) is a Limited Slip Differential. It uses the common principle to reduce the It uses the known ramping principle to reduce slippage.

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The basic development of this Lightscale STD differential started back in 2007. A year later, in 2008, the first prototypes were ready and tested.

During the past, almost 10 years, the product has been intensively tested, further developed, and finally reached into the production standard. Key objectives during the several development and testing stages were: weight optimization and stability, simple handling characteristics and easy maintenance, and of course very comfortable driving behavior.

We have succeeded in the development of a differential which, depending on the setup, achieves a maximum blocking effect, but is still very easy to drive. The moment when the locking effect comes in is not as suddenly as you might are used to with other differentials of this kind, but unfolds very pleasantly and controllably. So there is the name "Smooth Traction Differential". The great advantage of the STD is that even under very difficult conditions a very good traction can be used. The Smooth Traction Differential is easy to handle.

Due to its thoughtful design, it is impossible to assemble the differential in a wrong way. The “ramps” or “cages” are made of hardened steel which ensures a very long lifecycle. Nevertheless, the weight of the Smooth Traction Differential is at the same level as comparable differentials. A total of 4 different locking modes can be set using only one single ramp variant. These ramps are directional which means that each of the two angled ramps achieves a different locking effect depending on the mounting direction. This allows a very simple and fast change of the blocking effect by turning the differential in the vehicle. Only the pinion must be mounted on the other side of the differential.

This is an absolute novelty in the market and never seen before! From ramp 1 to ramp 2 and vice versa. The differential doesn’t have to be opened.

The Smooth Traction Differential fits into all of the well-known 1/5 touring cars and Formula 1 cars. The pinion mount is compatible with all known pinions with normal as well as fine module gears. Common multi-tooth axles will fit perfectly in the Smooth Traction Differential. FG, H.A.R.M., Lauterbacher and the old RS-5 variants can be used.

A bottle of the by Lightscale recommend transmission oil is of course included in the delivery of the Smooth Traction Differential.


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