Futaba - HPS CB701 Car High Performance Brushless Servo

High performance RC Car Servo with metal housing and metal gears for 1/5 and 1/8 car's.

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The Futaba HPS-CB701 is the strongest RC car servo Futaba have ever made. It produces a whopping 49kg of torque and 0.07 sec (over 60° travel) using 7.4V. In addition to those specifications the CB701 uses a new HPS brushless motor that was developed to draw the least current possible and produce very little heat. The aluminium case is only 40.5 x 21 x 37.8mm in size and is designed for optimal strength and cooling. The HPS-CB700 is also fully compatible with the ultra-fast SR mode used in radios such as the T7XC & T7PX!


  • Torque 49 kg/cm @ 7.4V
  • Voltage 4.8 - 7.4V
  • Speed 0.07 sec/60 deg @ 7.4V
  • Dimensions 40.5 x 21.0 x 37.7mm
  • Weight: 76 gram


In general, the following text is valid for every situation where strong servos are used, but especially with such strong servos in the class of HPS servos:

Power supply

The power supply must be optimized in every single component for all occurring conditions. This starts with the battery and only stops directly at the servo. The single components of the complete power supply for HPS servos require above all the need to transport short, high pulse currents (peaks), as fast as possible to the servo. The performance of the HPS servos will be completely used only when all components in powersupply are matching.

The power supply must be dimensioned to provide a constant, continuous power supply and to minimize voltage fluctuations (due to current peaks) in order to prevent "re-boot" of receivers or gyros, etc. (see below).



Here, batteries with the lowest internal resistance and the highest possible pulse current must be used. Small batteries with insufficient capacity generally tend to fluctuate greatly under high load and are therefore not suitable.

Necessary currents of the power supply for optimum operation of HPS servos:

 Nr of HPS Servos: Current continuous: Pulse current: Akku Recommendation(always High current)
2x 15A - 20A 40A - 45A LiPo o. LiFe 2Ah
5x 30A - 40A 80A - 100A LiPo o. LiFe 4Ah

Plug connections / cables:

This also applies to all plug connections. Always use the best contacts with the highest contact cross section. The cable cross-sections should always be as large as possible. All servos with the shortest cables must be connected directly to the receiver (prerequisite: the receiver must have a sufficiently strong high-current supply). The possibility to install several servos one behind the other on a single line when using S.BUS servos is generally not recommended for HPS servos. Pulse currents for several servos on a line are not always optimally transmitted.

Battery switch:

Frequently used battery switches are usually not sufficiently dimensioned for HPS technology. Often the information from the manufacturers are unfortunately not very helpful. In addition, the battery switch must be "fast", so the pulse current can actually be delivered quickly.

Voltage regulations:

Are generally "slow" power suppliers and hardly suitable to keep the voltage constant at high pulse currents. When using HPS servos, we generally do not recommend using voltage controls, instead use appropriate  LiFe batteries or LiPo batteries, matching the servos. Each with the lowest internal resistance. Devices for which the output voltage can be regulated or adjusted generally work with voltage regulation are therefore not recommended. This also applies to all battery breakers.


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