Futaba - Servo BLS373SV

Article number: P-SBL373SV
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Latest 1/5 & 1/8 RC Car HV digital servo with brushless motor. Supports the SR mode of the T7PX transmitter. Programmable and compatible with S.Bus and S.Bus2 systems. Can be connected to a PC and programmed with the separately available CIU-2 / -3 USB adapter. The transmission end wheel is now made of stainless steel. The toothing to the servo lever is made of stainless steel, which means a significant increase in the load capacity in the direction of force.

Due to the new housing geometry, a mechanically reinforced shaft output was realized on the upper part of the housing. The drive is a high-quality brushless motor.

Digital S.BUS2 Ultra Powerservo with incredible 370 Ncm power moment. The sturdy metal gearbox is mounted 4-fold, the housing 6-bolted. The housing is made of aluminum to optimize the transmission stability and cooling of the engine. Despite the enormous power moment, the servo has extremely short positioning times with 0.11s / 60 °. The servo is designed for hi-voltage, so that the power supply can be made directly from a 2s LiPo battery.

The housing is CNC machined from aluminum and designed for maximum load.

Advantages of brushless motor technology:
• 30% faster response time
• Better acceleration
• More resistant to vibration and shock
• High efficiency, thus lower engine heating
• No carbon brush wear, resulting in 5 times engine life
• Special gearbox with maximum backlash
Cobalt Samarium Motor Magnets
• Highest resolution
• Same power consumption as conventional digital servos

Programmable by S.BUS2 technology! Of course, all S.BUS2 servos can be connected to conventional receivers with PWM modulation. The addressing of the servos can be done in different ways:

1. About the S.BUS receiver
2. With the handy Programmer SBC-1
3. Via the PC-Link software with the USB adapter CIU-2 or CIU-3
4. At the S.BUS connection of the transmitter

The following parameters are configurable:
• S.BUS channel assignment
• servo reversal
• Servo type (normal / retractable landing gear)
• soft start (on / off)
• Mode selection in case of signal failure Hold or Free
• Soft servo run (on / off)
• servo position (servo tester)
Servo-adjuster +/- 300 μs (about 30 degrees)
• Servo speed, 0.39 ... 9 seconds per 45 degrees
Deadband setting (dead band)
• servo travel adjustment separated left and right, approx. 50 ... 175%
• Starting power
• Attenuation
• Holding force
• ID storage

· Powerful S.BUS2 digital servo with metal gearbox
· Hi-Voltage
· Brushless motor
· Ball bearing
· Robust aluminum housing
· High resolution
· High repeat accuracy
· Low-wear potentiometer
· Water protected

· Operating voltage: 4.8V ... 7.4V
· Operating speed 60 ° (7.4 / 6.0V): 0.14 / 0.11 s
· Actuating torque (7.4 / 6.0 V): 31.0 / 37.0 kgcm
· Dimensions: 40.5 x 21.0 x 38.4 mm
· Weight: 84 g

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