Futaba - T7PXR 2.4GHz + R334SBS

7-kanaals professioneel high end zenderset met ontvanger

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The FUTABA T7PXR is the ultimate hi-end professional remote control for ambitious RC model athletes and competition professionals! or in other words: The Futaba T7PXR is the flagship among the pistol transmitters. The transmitter is the first choice for all RC pilots who want to get the most out of themselves and their equipment. The transmitter is programmed intuitively using the huge color touch display and the buttons on the top of the transmitter. As a special feature, the T7PXR has the innovative, ultra-fast transmission system T-FHSS SR. With T-FHSS SR, the response of the model is even more direct with maximum transmission security!

The different types of transmission offer the following options:

T-FHSS-SR - 4 channels without telemetry at maximum transmission speed
T-FHSS - 4 channels with telemetry
FHSS - 4 channels without telemetry

The transmission type T-FHSS SR (Super Response) with a latency of 2.45 ms is noticeably faster than the previous T-FHSS system with 4.15 ms latency.

In order to fully utilize the speed of the Futaba T-FHSS SR technology, there are numerous FUTABA SV servos that can also be switched to SR mode. The following servos are currently SR compatible: BLS371SV / BLS471SV / BLS571SV / BLS671SV / BLS671SVi / BLS373SV / S9372SV / S9373SV / HPS-CB700 /

Scope of delivery:
T7PXR transmitter
R334SBS Receiver

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