RS5 Modelsport - XT - Rear Torsion Anti-roll bar upgrade kit for XT22 car

Original RS5 Modellsport conversion kit

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This new Anti-roll bar system was tested since June by the RS5 factory team on the Euros, and since them on many tracks. The new system has less play and stays always symmetrical left and right compared to the old version. The car become more responsive, and works much better on direction changes. You can adjust the hardness by selecting one of the three fixing points on the lower wishbone, or by replacing the Torsion shaft.

This set compatible with all XT cars.

The set include:
- 2,0mm Rear Torsion Anti-roll bar
- Anti-roll bar bellcrank, pushrods and brackets
- Rear lower wishbones
- Rear Bulkheads

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