PMT - Eagle 400 regenband gelijmd op velg

The new Eagle 400 rain compound pushes the limits further than ever.

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Artikelnummer: EAGLEV2-400/P0
Aantal op voorraad: 6

Sometimes racing is in rain... Well known, very popular and World Championship winning is the Eagle 300 Tyre. It works best in heavy rain and does not need any temperature to reach its full performance.

Now a new age of rain tyres is born. With the new Eagle 400 rain compound we push the limits further than ever.

Coming from the development of ROADIES/PMT F1 tyres the so called "Magic Rain" compound is added to the range of Touringcar Tyres.

In contrast to the Eagle 300 the 400 likes temperature and even needs to be heated up with tyre warmers. Due to this fact it does not suffer when used on a partly dry/wet track or if you race on a track that is drying up.

For best performance our advise is to run the Eagel 400 in dry conditions once for a few laps before using it in a wet race first.

The Eagle 300 will remain in production as it still is the best option in very cold conditions.

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